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Travel and accessability info

How to get there
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How to get there

The QueerFilmFest Rostock takes place at the M.A.U. Club, located at Warnowufer 56, 18057 Rostock.

The entrance is at the back side of the building facing the river Warnow.

If you’d like to drive to M.A.U. CLub, you’ll find paid parking lots directly right next to the building, directly opposite the entrance, at the back of the building, also facing the river Warnow.

The closest tram stop is Kabutzenhof, which is about a 5-minute walk from M.A.U. Club. The closest S-Bahn stop is Holbeinplatz, walking to M.A.U. Club from there takes around 16 minutes. The night bus line F1 also stops at Kabutzenhof and runs between Riekdahl and Warnemünde Strand. Further information on public transport can be found on the RSAG website.


The venue is wheelchair accessible, the entrance is furbished with a ramp. There is one wheelchair accessible bathroom inside the M.A.U. Club, the specifics are:

  • door width 91 cm
  • floor space
  • floor space approx. 125 cm x 200 cm
  • wheelchair accessible washbasin

M.A.U. Club: top view


There are 3 different bathrooms in the back of the M.A.U. Club, one of which is a wheelchair accessible single bathroom. The second bathroom offers multiple single-person booths and the third has booths as well as urinals. All bathrooms will be all gender bathrooms during QueerFilmFest.

Tickets and prices

We are purely donation-based, which means that we will ask you for a cash donation at the entrance. We do not sell tickets, neither in advance nor on site.

Languages and subtitles

We screen a lot of non-German language films, often the original language is English. We try to subtitle all films in German and screen them with both English and German subtitles, but we don’t always find the time to create subtitles for every individual film. Please check the film descriptions (in the programme booklet, here on the website or on our social media), you will find more details on spoken languages and subtitles there.

Audio description and sign language interpretation

The films we screen are not signed or audio described.


We do not show any adverts or trailers at our film festival, which means that the films actually start at the specified time. We usually deliver a short intro before and a short outro after each film on stage. We try to invite guests to some films and have audience Q&As with them following the screenings; these Q&As are part of the programming schedule and listed in the programme booklets.

Content warnings

Carefully read the film description on our website, in the program booklet and on social media, so you can decide which films you really want to see and which not.

We put warnings on each film regarding certain content (extreme violence, suicide, flashing lights and explicit sexual images) to the best of our knowledge.

There will also be an additional spoken warning in the moderation for film with really disturbing content.

Food and drinks

The area around our event location offers several opportunities to buy food and drinks:

Directly inside the M.A.U. Club you’ll find the pub Dieter, where you can buy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink and small snacks.

Just across the street from M.A.U. Club is a petrol station, also offering drinks and small snacks.

At a walking distance of around 10 minutes is a shopping mall with 3 supermarkets and several fast food vendors.

A short walk along the harbour towards city center takes you to several restaurants.

Report a barrier

Please write to us via social media (Instagram and Facebook) or by mail queerfilmfest[at]gmail[dot]com to report barriers or send us ideas for improvements or if you just have a question.